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“I had the opportunity to work with My Biz Value as I went through the process of buying my first business. They were extremely helpful as I had a steep learning curve. I highly recommend them, no matter how savvy you think you are.”

J.D. Dockstader

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Standard Valuation for Just $499

Backed by data and quintuple-checked, this 30+ page report accesses 50,000 sold business comparables and 7 risk factors to provide backable valuation numbers.

  • Sold Business Comps

  • 5 Valuation Models

  • CPA-prepared

  • 2-7 Day Delivery

Making Valuations Easy & Affordable

From business buy/sell planning to divorce and partner buyouts, a trusted business valuation can save you from heartache and costly surprises. Affordable valuations from My Biz Value gives you powerful data for the big decisions in every situation.


Secure and Rapid Turnaround

Encrypted data sharing, secure file transfers, and complete business valuations delivered electronically in as little as 2 business days.


Customized and Data Driven

Each report is CPA-prepared, personalized to your needs, and triple-checked against the top business valuation models for the greatest accuracy.


Economical Valuation Solutions

Many businesses need frequent valuations of varying complexity so we offer multiple solutions that make valuations an affordable part of the decision-making process.

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Purchase Valuation

Buy the valuation product that’s right for you. You'll receive an email with our written commitment to keep the information you provide confidential.

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Share Business Info

After checkout, complete the valuation questionnaire and securely upload the required documents as requested in an email that will be sent to you.

Step 3

Valuation Preparation

One of MBV’s experts will prepare your valuation and electronically deliver a secure custom valuation within 2-7 business days.


Use Case

Business Valuations for Buying/Selling A Business


Use Case

Business Valuations
for Divorce

Exit Planning

Use Case

Business Valuations
for Exit Planning

Partner Buyout

Use Case

Business Valuations
for Partner Buyout

Estate & Gift Tax

Use Case

Business Valuations
for Estate & Gift Tax

Financial Planning

Use Case

Business Valuations
for Financial Planning


Best Value
$499 $799 $1,499
Report Length 30+ Pages (PDF) 33+ Pages (PDF) 44+ Pages (PDF)
Risk Factors that affect Value 7 7 8
Databases & Comps 3 Sold Business Databases w/ 50K+ Comps 3 Sold Business Databases w/ 50K+ Comps 3 Sold Business Databases w/ 50K+ Comps
Comparables Sold Businesses List
Valuation Models 5 5 6
High and Low Range of Value Calculation
Discounted Cash Flow and Capitalization Rates
Delivery 2-7 Business Days 2-7 Business Days 2-7 Business Days
CPA Consultation Call 30-Minute Call 30-Minute Call
Live Report Review (Remote) (Remote)
Sale/Exit Planning Session (Remote) (Remote)

Real Customers.
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“We had MBV value our business and they did a great job! They took the time to explain the valuation process as well as make sure our questions were answered after we got the report. They even upgraded our report to include comparable business sales because our business model is complex. I highly recommend this company!”

Curtis Page

“Great analysis, great price! I had a chance to work with My Biz Value on an analysis of a dental practice. The process was simple with their help. If you're looking to sell or buy a business, you can count on My Biz Value to get you the correct valuation.”

Paul Conant

“My Biz Value was fantastic to work with. They provided a full business valuation for two orthodontic practices in a matter of days. They worked with me on non-business hours to make sure all documents were received and recorded correctly. I would highly recommend for anyone in need of a business valuation.”

Douglas Shaw

“I was looking to buy a business and wasn't sure if I was paying too much or not. The business owner had a broker but he was working for the seller, not me. I had My Biz Value do a valuation for me and it was EXACTLY what I needed to validate what I thought the purchase price should be.”

John Miles

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