How It Works

  • Register as a customer and set up an account through our secure portal to upload documents.

  • You will then be automatically directed to order your valuation report online.

  • Once your order is completed, you will be directed to the secure portal to complete a Valuation Questionnaire and upload the necessary documents for the valuation.

    You will be able to login and return to the secure portal as needed until all of the requested financial information is uploaded.

  • After the necessary documents have been securely uploaded, we will start your valuation and reach out with any questions we may have. The valuation takes approximately 7 business days to complete.

  • You will receive the valuation and an invitation to set up a follow up call via email once the report is completed. The follow up call will be with Rick Krebs, CPA, the author of the report. He will review the report with you, answer your questions and explain how he arrived at the valuation number.