Comprehensive Valuation


As expected, the Comprehensive Business Valuation comes with all the bells and whistles and is ideal for cases where extra validation is needed such as divorce, buying out a partner, or merging/acquiring businesses over $1 million in value. Filing charitable business donations and contributions with the IRS? The Comprehensive Business Valuation is precisely what you’re looking for. Checked against 6 valuation models, this report achieves the highest marks in accuracy. Additionally, this valuation includes a valuable Report Review and Strategy Call with one of our CPA experts. 

During this session, we’ll review ways to increase business value, identify potential weaknesses impacting value, plan for an exit or sale, and review the specific metrics in the report that determine value. Customer questions about the specifics of the report will be answered during this call. 

As always, the report is prepared and certified by a credentialed CPA valuations expert. Additionally, all Comprehensive Valuations are personally certified by our founder, Rick Krebs.

What’s Included

  • 44+ Page Report (Digital PDF)

  • 8 Risk Factors That Affect Value

  • Utilizes 3 Sold Business Databases w/ 50K+ Comps

  • Comparables Sold Businesses List

  • Utilizes 6 Valuation Models

  • Profit, Value and Wealth Gaps

  • Uses Discounted Cash Flow & Capitalization Rates

  • High and Low Range of Business Value calculations

  • 2-7 Business Day Delivery (via email link)

  • 30-minute CPA Consultation Call

  • Live Report Review & Sale/Exit Planning Session (remote)



After your order is complete you’ll receive 2 emails:
  1. A signed non-disclosure agreement to fill out so you can rest assured that the information you provide is confidential.
  2. A link to a secure project folder for uploading the required financial documentation (don’t worry, a list of what we need will be included).
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