Buying/Selling A Business

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Buying a Business

Your Second Set of Eyes

When buying a business it is important to make sure you are NOT overpaying. It is also very helpful to have a “second set of eyes” on the books. All too often businesses are overpriced and buyers do not have access to comparable sales to determine the value of a business.

Our valuations calculate value using 5 or 6 valuation metrics so buyers can be sure they are not overpaying. Don’t just trust the sellers! Verify the asking price with one of our affordable valuation reports.

Selling a Business

Informed Answers

When considering the sale of your business it is absolutely essential to have a reasonable expectation of the ultimate selling price. Our valuation reports help provide informed answers to the following questions:

Is it a good time to sell my business?

Should I sell my business now or grow it and sell later?

What do buyers look at when I sell my business?

What impacts the value of my business?

How is business value calculated?

Our Valuations

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Comprehensive Valuation

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