Standard Valuation


The Standard Valuation gives you everything you need to make an informed and accurate decision at our most affordable price.

Whether you’re selling your business, looking to purchase a company, need additional tax information, or simply want to satisfy your curiosity, the Standard Valuation will do the job. Checked against 5 valuation models you can be confident in the quality of this valuation.

As always, the report is prepared and certified by a credentialed CPA valuations expert.

What’s Included

  • 33+ Page Report (Digital PDF)

  • 7 Risk Factors That Affect Value

  • Utilizes 3 Sold Business Databases w/ 50K+ Comps

  • Comparables Sold Businesses List

  • Utilizes 5 Valuation Models

  • 2-7 Business Day Delivery (via email link)



After your order is complete you’ll receive 2 emails:
  1. A signed non-disclosure agreement to fill out so you can rest assured that the information you provide is confidential.
  2. A link to a secure project folder for uploading the required financial documentation (don’t worry, a list of what we need will be included).
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