The Cost of Business Valuations 

When you shop for goods or services, you want the best deal. The trouble is, it’s not always easy to determine what a good deal is. At My Biz Value, we urge you to consider the cost not only of a business valuation, but also the cost to you of receiving poor business valuation services. A business valuation should be much more than an estimate, and it should be based on careful, extensive research. Our certified public accountants provide accurate, detailed business valuations to our customers. 

Business Valuation Pricing 

At My Biz Value, we provide a transparent pricing structure, so you know exactly what you’re getting and how much you will pay. We offer two separate business value assessments at different price points to better serve all our clients. We also offer a sample business valuation estimate free for those interested in exactly what their report will contain. 

Our lower-priced option is our standard business valuation at $499. In this 30-plus-page report, we use reliable resources and generally accepted accounting principles to accurately valuate your business. 

Our business valuation company has access to databases containing information about businesses sold with over 50,000 comparables. The more comparables you have to your own business, the more accurate the business valuation is. 

Moreover, we list comparable businesses sold, including the price and other influential factors. We also use up to five valuation models to valuate your business. Approaching this task from different angles gives you a better idea of what your business is worth. 

We further identify up to seven risk factors that can affect your business value assessment. These may include earnings history, company reputation and local competition. 

Deluxe Business Valuation 

Our top-tier business valuation service is priced at $1,499, and delves deeper into your business’s inner workings and that of your competitors. We provide more valuation models and more risk factors in this report, as well as other benefits. 

Our clients make the decision between our two options based on a number of factors. If you are selling your business, it is critically important to get the most accurate and reliable business valuation possible. Spending $1,000 more for this can save you tens of thousands you might have lost by not knowing the true value of your business. 

The same is true for clients who want to bid on buying a business. You want to outbid other contenders without paying more than necessary. 

However, there are times that a bargain business valuation estimate is in order. In these instances, your goal is to get an accurate business valuation, but at the most cost-effective price. 

Dependable Business Appraiser Company 

If you are not sure which pricing option you should choose to find out what your business is worth, contact our CPAs today. We can help!