Another Purchase Completed

Business Sales Group (small business division) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the acquisition of an Event and Promotional Production Company In Arizona.  The Buyer was from the mid-west and hired BSG as his buy-side advisor to advise him through the whole transaction. BSG successfully completed the Business Valuation, Due Diligence, Negotiation, LOI, [...]

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Cash or GAAP Basis Accounting When Selling a Business?

When considering a sale, it makes sense to do an annual compiled financial statement that is presented on a GAAP basis versus Cash Basis, which is commonly used to report Income on your tax return.  This GAAP financial can then be used for valuing and selling your business compared to using Tax Returns. The reason [...]

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Working Capital: An Important Consideration When Selling A Business

Working Capital is defined simply as Current Assets Less Current Liabilities. Some advisors will include a certain amount of average inventory in Working Capital as well. Some advisors do not include Inventory in the Working Capital. Because of this it is important to define Working Capital as it pertains to each individual deal. Inventory can [...]

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