What is missing from EBITDA?

Working Capital When a business is sold, Working Capital (Cash, Accounts Receivable Inventory, and Accounts Payable) are usually included in the sale for businesses with a value over $1 million and not included for businesses worth less than $1 Million.   When it is included, a “normal” amount of Working Capital is included, but the term [...]

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Should My Accountant Value My Business?

I came across this great article on Divestopedia about the pros and cons of having your accountant value your business. This is too good to not share. https://www.divestopedia.com/should-my-accountant-do-my-business-valuation/2/8199 There is value to having an independent 3rd party who has sold businesses value your business.

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Types of Buyers

TYPES OF BUYERS As a Seller of a business it is important to know the types of buyers you will encounter in the sales process.  Selling a business successfully requires the help of a M&A advisor who “knows the ropes” and has dealt with each type of buyer. Financial – Financial buyers like to base their [...]

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Top Value Drivers For Your Business for Business Valuation

What are some top value drivers for a business?  Here is a list to consider that will help increase the value of your business. Financial Performance When a financial buyer is contemplating a purchase, the number one metric they use to measure value is financial performance.  It is important that the financial information being presented [...]

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New Business Valuation Report now available to business owners

MyBizValue is pleased to announce the availability of a revolutionary business valuation report. This important report is now available to business owners in the US.  MyBizValue, the premier business valuation company, is now offering CPA-prepared business valuations from $499-$999. These valuation reports capitalize on the latest technological advances to prepare custom Business Valuation reports for [...]

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