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Business Valuation Expert at My Biz Value having valued hundreds of businesses and dental practices nationwide, Rick is an expert in valuing all types of businesses. He has access to multiple national databases of comparable business sales which are used in the Valuation Reports. His business sales experience lends itself well to correctly valuing businesses. See: www.MyBizValue.com Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Professional. Head of the M&A division of Business Sales Group. Advisory services are offered to clients in the Rocky Mountain and Midwest regions of the US. BSG occupies the Mid-market space specializing in selling and buying high growth potential businesses with ample runway having Sales of $1 million-$50 million. Rick is a "deal guy"​ who specializes in maneuvering through the "sticky"​ parts of a transaction to accomplish the Seller's objective. See: www.Bsalesgroup.com

What is missing from EBITDA?

Working Capital When a business is sold, Working Capital (Cash, Accounts Receivable Inventory, and Accounts Payable) are usually included in the sale for businesses with a value over $1 million and not included for businesses worth less than $1 Million.   When it is included, a “normal” amount of Working Capital is included, but the term [...]

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Should My Accountant Value My Business?

I came across this great article on Divestopedia about the pros and cons of having your accountant value your business. This is too good to not share. https://www.divestopedia.com/should-my-accountant-do-my-business-valuation/2/8199 There is value to having an independent 3rd party who has sold businesses value your business.

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Types of Buyers

TYPES OF BUYERS As a Seller of a business it is important to know the types of buyers you will encounter in the sales process.  Selling a business successfully requires the help of a M&A advisor who “knows the ropes” and has dealt with each type of buyer. Financial – Financial buyers like to base their [...]

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Top Value Drivers For Your Business for Business Valuation

What are some top value drivers for a business?  Here is a list to consider that will help increase the value of your business. Financial Performance When a financial buyer is contemplating a purchase, the number one metric they use to measure value is financial performance.  It is important that the financial information being presented [...]

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New Business Valuation Report now available to business owners

MyBizValue is pleased to announce the availability of a revolutionary business valuation report. This important report is now available to business owners in the US.  MyBizValue, the premier business valuation company, is now offering CPA-prepared business valuations from $499-$999. These valuation reports capitalize on the latest technological advances to prepare custom Business Valuation reports for [...]

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