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Selling a business?

Whether you’re in the midst of a merger, acquisition, partner buyout, or selling a business, My Biz Value has you covered with our business valuation services. With our business valuation calculator, you will quickly know what your business is worth. 

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Buying a business?

Our team of business valuation experts can provide an independent, third-party assessment to help determine what price to offer. Without a detailed business value assessment, you may overpay or offer too little and lose the bid. Don’t take chances; rely on My Biz Value. 

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Personal financial planning?

We’ll help answer your personal financial questions, from handling a divorce to estate and retirement planning. What is your business worth? Don’t get caught by surprise — get a professional business valuation before you make any decisions. 

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Data-Driven Business Valuations

  • Quintuple-Checked. Each business valuation is checked against the top business valuation models for greater accuracy. 
  • Backed by Data. Our business valuation company accesses 2 national databases with more than 50,000 transactions of sold businesses so we can better pinpoint your company’s exact value. 
  • CPA-Prepared. Each business valuation is prepared by our team of business valuation experts and certified by our founder, Rick Krebs, CPA. We are a trusted business valuation company known for our expertise and years of experience. 
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Personalized for You

  • No matter what industry or situation your business is in, our business valuation company has the experience necessary to provide you with a personalized and accurate valuation. 
  • Choose from two options, so you receive the valuation service that best fits your needs. 
  • Business valuations from our company can be used as tools for a wide variety of tasks, from selling your business to filing for taxes.
  • My Biz Value sends your business valuation estimate straight to your email, so you can view it on your computer, phone, tablet, or good, old-fashioned paper.
Get Your Report

Quick and Secure

Getting your report from our business valuation company is a quick and secure process. Follow these 3 easy steps to receive your valuation report:

  • 2 — One of My Biz Value’s trusted business valuation experts will review this information and check it against 2 national databases and the top valuation methods.
  • 3 — Receive your personal business valuation, delivered securely to your email within 5 days (or within 24 hours with our rush delivery service).
Discover the Value of Your Business
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Aina Zhunusbekova
Discover the Value of Your Business
Rick Krebs Headshot Founder of business valuation services

Knowledge Is Power

It might be a cliche, but in business it’s absolutely true. My Biz Value puts the power in your hands by delivering accurate, speedy and affordable business valuations. An accurate valuation helps you sell your business at the right price and prevents an undersell. We get it. You want information you can trust.

Our business valuation company was founded by Rick Krebs, a longtime mergers and acquisitions specialist as well as a tax strategist working to help business owners and investors by determining the true value of the business in question. Rick has the expertise to spot companies with high growth potential, and his business valuations can help investors avoid bidding mistakes as well as protect owners from losing out by making poor decisions. As a respected CPA, Rick is known for his dedication to accuracy, deadlines and taking the time to ensure our clients thoroughly understand their business valuation report. Read more about him in Forbes. 

Each My Biz Value report utilizes 2 national databases of sold businesses, pulling data from over 50,000 business sale transactions. Each valuation is then checked against the top valuation methods to ensure the most accurate value is assigned. With My Biz Value, you’re getting the Ferrari of business valuations at the price of a Toyota. Have confidence going into the sale of your business with the help of My Biz Value.


Sample Business Valuation

  • 30 Page Report (Digital PDF)
  • Real Data From A Real Client
  • Demonstrates What Your Valuation Will Contain

Comprehensive Business Valuation

  • 44+ Page Report (Digital PDF)
  • 8 Risk Factors That Affect Value
  • Utilizes 2 Database Of Businesses Sold With Over 50,000 Comparables
  • Lists Comparable Businesses Sold
  • 6 Valuation Models
  • Uses Discounted Cash Flow and Capitalization Rates

Standard Business Valuation

  • 30+ Page Report (Digital PDF)
  • 7 Risk Factors That Affect Value
  • Utilizes 2 Database Of Businesses Sold With Over 50,000 Comparables
  • Lists Comparable Businesses Sold
  • 5 Valuation Models

Sample Report

Dip your toes in with a free sample valuation containing real data from a real client (permission given). Find out, risk-free, if a valuation is worth pursuing. This 30-page report will illustrate the various sections contained in the Standard report. Actual data from an actual client gives you the insight you want, no commitment required.

Our business valuation company prides itself on being completely transparent with both services and pricing, and that is why we make sample reports available to our customers for free. We’re confident that after you view the report, you will feel confident that My Biz Value can accurately tell you what your business is worth. 

Comprehensive Report

The Comprehensive Business Valuation comes with all the bells and whistles. Useful in cases where extra validation is needed, such as divorce, buying out a partner, and selling/merging businesses over $1 million in value. Filing charitable business donations and contributions with the IRS? The Comprehensive Business Valuation is precisely what you’re looking for. This is the Ferrari of business valuations but at an affordable price. Checked against 6 valuation models, you know it’s as accurate as it gets. As always, the report is prepared by an expert business appraiser at our valuation company, and personally certified by our founder, Rick Krebs, CPA.

Standard Report

The Standard Business Valuation gives you everything you need at our most affordable price. You’ll get everything you need from our business valuation company to make an informed and accurate decision. Whether you’re buying or selling a business, need additional tax information or simply want to satisfy your curiosity, the Standard Business Valuation will do the job. Checked against 5 valuation models, you can be confident in the quality of this valuation. As always, the report is prepared and certified by a valuations expert.

Our standard report allows our customers to get our most cost-effective business value assessment, perfect for a variety of purposes including exit strategy and estate planning.